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We depart from the hotel to the mouth of the river, we start sailing through the Diwad Dummad (the Great River), perfect for flora and fauna watching. The tour is made mostly by boat, but if the guests wish, we make an occasional stop (Aprox 2hrs - 3 hrs).

We recommend bringing: bug repellent and binoculars.
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Sailing through paths surrounded by mangroves, you will be able to watch the fauna living around them, while we explain the importance of these small forests to the Kunas and the marine life development, not only in the Kuna reservation, but all along the Panamanian coast. During this tour we will also visit an island where you can watch starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other animals. (2hrs. - 3 hrs.)

We recommend bringing: bug repellent and binoculars.